Are You The Best You Can Be?

At the high school reunion, a teacher tells her former students:

“In the next room, there is a portrait of the person that stopped you from becoming who you wanted to become when you left this school 10 years ago. Those of you who are curious to know who that person is, stay in line and find out.”

A few former students showed no interest to see who that person might be.

Others jumped at the chance to have a few (not so pleasant) words with him/her, swarming the room, pushing each other, being impatience to see who is that person that stopped them from becoming who they wanted to become ten years ago.

One by one, they sat in front of the portrait for few seconds and then, left the room in tears but feeling hopeful about the future.

Why? Because the portrait was a mirror; and, as someone said: “It makes sense; no one can stop me! Only I can.”

Your life belongs to you.

When your boss, your friends or whoever else is changing around you, your life is pretty much the same. When you are changing, then, your life is changing.

You can become extraordinary in life by accomplishing the most ordinary things.

Be like a river that starts its journey from a shallow brook and ends it into the deep ocean, or an acorn that becomes a majestic oak tree.

Allow yourself to become whoever you want to become.

If there is destiny, know that it has more than one version, and it is up to you which version of your destiny you get to live. Your desire to improve yourself is setting the course and the pathway of your destiny.

Your life belongs to you.

Are you living up to your potential?

Are you living the best version of your destiny?

Are you putting forward the best you?

Life is a gift. A gift that only a small minority of seeds receive.

Self-improvement is about honoring that gift; making the most out of it, building a happy and prosperous life and contributing to the well-being of others along the way.

Self-improvement is a journey. A pleasant, exciting and rewarding journey; and it’s taking you from the acorn to the oak tree, from the brook to the river, from a blank canvas to a masterpiece: the best YOU.

Because you are here, I guess, you already started your self-improvement journey, or you have a strong desire to do so.

Either way, you have made the first step, and that counts the most because this first step is the moment when you realize how amazing you can be, how beautiful and fulfilled your life can be, how great, rewarding and inspiring can be your contribution to a better world.